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David, Girgis and Hussein… A Horror Film

I received this ad in my inbox about a play to be performed next week.
Horror is the word. Every person has his or her horror, and in our performance we speak out ours: Sectarian violence in Egypt. What if? The one-way street, where you meet nothing but the word…HORROR.

We invite you all to share us the horror by watching our performance, presented within the Independent Theatre Festival.

David, Girgis and Hussein…A Horror Film
Written by: Yasser Allam
Directed by: Sobhy el-Haggar
Maqha 87 Troupe

Sunday, 20th of August
On the Town House stage
At 09:00 pm

NB: To whom it may concern: this performance in the festival will not be the last; we wish to perform the play anywhere and everywhere, with or without money, lest anyone should not share the horror.

Call or email us:
+2 010-286-5169, yasseryallam -at- yahoo -dot- com