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Israeli soul-searching

When I saw this lead to a Washington Post article this morning, I was momentarily confused:
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday acknowledged mistakes in the war against Hezbollah as the Israeli government confronted widespread criticism and political recriminations over the conflict.

"There have been failings and shortcomings," Olmert, with deep circles under his eyes and a haggard look on his face, told a special session of the Israeli parliament. "We need to examine ourselves in all aspects and all areas. We will not sweep anything under the table, we will not hide anything. We must ensure that next time things will be done better."

The article said that Israel was engaged in "national soul-searching." For a moment, I thought they meant over the damage done to a neighboring country, the high civilian casualties. Silly me. Israeli society is engaged in "national soul-searching" over why they weren't more successful in wiping out Hezbullah. Everyone's souls are completely at peace regarding all those dead Lebanese.

And Netanyahu will be the next prime minister.