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New LE1 Coins

I read a while ago somewhere that the govt was planning to issue these new 50 Piasters and LE1 coins to replace the paper money notes circulating in the market. I've just come accross the LE1 coin yesterday, with King Tut's face on it.
I tried taking a pic of those coins with my mob phone, but quality isn't good.

NEW LE1 Coins

I'm curious to know what fellow Egyptians and Cairo Arabists think of those coins? Do you like them?
I mean, I'm kinda conflicted... The paper money notes circulating in the market have tended to be FILTHY. The Central Bank doesn't recycle them as fast as they should. So I guess coins are better in that regards. But at the same time coins are not easy to carry around in wallets. Gotta buy a purse for them or something?.. Donno.. what do you think..?

Oh, and has anybody seen the 50 PT coins? I haven't seen those yet. Pitch us a pic if you have one.