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Greasy trigger fingers

Holy shit, look at that burger!

Tell me this is an elaborate spoof.

Two websites claim they can arrange delivery of pizza and burgers to IDF units on the Lebanese border and “around Gaza,� and boast that they coordinate with the security forces so that there’s no “security risk.�

Imagine the hassle these guys could have saved in Lebanon—all that unloading from ships, piling into trucks, and jouncing down the highway only to be incinerated by an IAF missile when pizza and burgers were just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Food's only the start of the fun, however. The chuckles really come rolling in once you get to the messages accompanying overseas orders—seems that the sites are set up for (mainly American) well-wishers who want to show their support. Check out this page of notes from a second grade class in Florida telling the boys to "stay safe and keep fighting." Or this mess of wackiness from just about all over (just try a keyword search on "chosen"). My favorite, however, is this thank-you letter from an IDF soldier who appears to have mixed up the words "supper" and "sniper." An understandeable slip-up when you're trying to write and peg one of those pesky little terrorists at the same time. (Footnote: 42 out of the 184 Palestinians killed by the IDF in Gaza since June 28th have been children, according to a recent UN report.)

Anyway, I can see how this won't seem so funny if you've had these guys shooting up aid convoys and fast food outlets all around your country for the last month, or if you're feeling a little peckish in Gaza because the navy won't let you fish (same UN report), but look at it this way: a piping hot all-dressed with extra cheese and chili peppers is just a call (and $16.95) away.

There's just one problem...