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Eight Egyptians die in buildings collapses

Disasters seem not stopping anytime soon...
Eight Egyptians killed in building collapses
28 Aug 2006 10:07:54 GMT
CAIRO, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Eight people were killed when two buildings collapsed within hours of each other in Egypt, and rescuers were searching for any others who could be trapped in the rubble, security sources said on Monday.
The two residential buildings, one in Cairo and another in the town of Qalyoub 20 km (12 miles) north of the city, collapsed between Sunday evening and Monday morning. Qalyoub was also the scene of a train crash which killed 58 people last week.
Building collapses are frequent in Egyptian cities because of poor construction and maintenance.

Nasser Nouri went to Hadayeq el-Qobba, where the Cairo building collapsed. He stayed from 2am till 7am, taking pix of the disaster, and following the rescue efforts. I've uploaded the pix to my flickr account.

Cairo Building collapses

On another note, I won't be posting regularly for the coming couple of weeks, due to work commitments. I trust Issandr and Mathew will keep you updated on any important current events.