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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

This is perverse

Sometimes the juxtaposition of headlines in a newsreader is just perverse. I found these next to each other:

Israeli Warplanes Pound Southern Beirut
Hezbollah Continues Rocket Fire Amid Ongoing Israeli Ground Offensive

KIRYAT SHEMONA, Israel, Aug. 3 -- Israeli warplanes pounded the southern suburbs of Beirut Thursday morning for the first time in eight days, while Hezbollah militants and thousands of Israeli ground troops continued to engage in fierce ground fighting in Lebanese border towns and villages.

Israelis work to save abandoned pets
By DELPHINE MATTHIEUSSENT, Associated Press Writer Thu Aug 3, 5:59 AM ET

MAALOT, Israel - A dozen youngsters carrying water and dog food ventured into the deserted streets of northern Israel, taking advantage of the nighttime lull, when Hezbollah usually stops firing rockets.

A government official says up to a few thousand pets may need to be fed or rescued, in part because hundreds of thousands of Israelis have fled northern Israel over the past three weeks.