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No middle ground

Great little piece meanwhile in Canada’s flag-ship daily, the Globe and Mail, that implies that domestic calls (from former Minister of Foreign Affairs and now interim leader of the opposition Bill Graham) for a balanced approach to the current fracas in Lebanon are a vote pandering effort to find a ‘“squishy� middle ground.�’

The government’s position (laid out by current Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Mackay), that “It is not a difficult choice between a democratic state [Israel] that was attacked by terrorists and cold-blooded killers,� is meanwhile characterized as a flowing from a “willingness to make moral distinctions.�


Canada, as nobody in the outside world has yet noticed, is being run by a creepy right-wing sock-puppet backed up by a Karl Rove wanna-be from a third string prairie university (check out The Walrus, October 2004 for a profile of Tom Flanagan that will make your skin crawl). By all accounts the pair of them have been busily preparing Canada for the New American Century by making it as attractive and easy a target for unnoticed assimilation as possible, efforts which have involved whole-hearted support for Israel's current Lebanese misadventure.

And they seem to have friends in the press.

If you read the whole thing, be sure to check out not only pundit Reg Whitaker’s sound bite (“There is no middle ground�), but his qualifications. He may have a covert sideline in Middle East politics (in which case I will offer humble apologies), but a quick Google only shows a long and distinguished career of studying our (justly) world-famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police.