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Saddam hanging a wedding gift from Maliki?

From IraqSlogger:

A United Nations source has confirmed what at first seemed like an impossible rumor, that Saddam's execution may have been a wedding present from Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki to his daughter. Other sources maintain it was his son who was married on the day of Saddam's execution. It is also possible that this wedding would have been innocuous or coincidental as Shias cannot get married for the next two months because of their holiness, hence many marry on Eid.
I doubt this is true... and if it is it suggests Maliki has the same sense of the grotesque as Saddam did.

More depressingly, posters lamenting the death of Saddam have been sighted across the Arab world, apparently, bearing the inscription "Saddam Hussein: the man died, the hero lives" or some such nonsense. Here's a pic I took in Attaba near Ezbekeya Gardens. Sorry for the lousy pic quality.

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