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Hamas leader has power to speak with punctuation

Do you think there's a problem with the story below:

GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Monday the Islamist militant group Hamas would never recognize Israel.

Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, said in an interview from Gaza with Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah's al-Manar television: "Hamas will never recognize the legitimacy of the occupation (Israel)."

"Hamas will never show flexibility over the issue of recognizing the legitimacy of the occupation," he added.
Does Ismail Haniyeh have the power to speak in parentheses? Did he do a little sign with his hands and say "Israel" after he said "never recognize the legitimacy of the occupation"?

I am quite willing to believe that Haniyeh would make contradictory statements about his position on Israel, but the above quote hardly seems to be as conclusive as the story's headline and lead.