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NDP MP strips to protest amendments??!?

Intriguing story:

An Egyptian ruling party politician started to undress in parliament on Tuesday in protest at proposed constitutional amendments which perpetuate many of the Egyptian president's vast powers.

In a debate on the amendments, details of which have not been released, member of parliament Mohamed Hussein objected to the article which gives the president the right to dissolve parliament.

"Enough of that, enough. Should I take my clothes off?" he added, using a sarcastic popular expression used in response to someone's excessive expectations.

When Hussein unbuttoned the waistcoat of his suit, speaker Fathi Sorour threatened to have him thrown out of the chamber.
A month or so ago I remember hearing about a group of 60 NDP MPs who wrote a letter of protest asking for the amendment of Article 77 to limit presidential terms to two. I do know some in the NDP believe this should be done, as well as many establishment commentators in the state press. But Hozz has made it clear it's not about to happen. Still, it's an interesting development to see NDP MPS -- the majority of which, remember, were elected as independents, defeating the leadership's chosen candidates -- getting some backbone.

By the way, does anyone know more about this individual MP or those who demanded that Article 77 be amended?