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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Europe is ours

Ours, I tell you! Dirka dirka Muhammad Jihad! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

Islam could soon be the dominant force in a Europe which, in the name of political correctness, has abdicated the battle for cultural and religious control, Prof. Bernard Lewis, the world-renowned Middle Eastern and Islamic scholar, said on Sunday.

The Muslims "seem to be about to take over Europe," Lewis said at a special briefing with the editorial staff of The Jerusalem Post. Asked what this meant for the continent's Jews, he responded, "The outlook for the Jewish communities of Europe is dim." Soon, he warned, the only pertinent question regarding Europe's future would be, "Will it be an Islamized Europe or Europeanized Islam?" The growing sway of Islam in Europe was of particular concern given the rising support within the Islamic world for extremist and terrorist movements, said Lewis.
I wonder if this prediction will be as accurate as Lewis' last one. Read more for Bernie's take on the Persian threat. When will some kind soul put him out of his misery?