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South Africa moves towards Israel boycott

Great news from a country whose majority suffered greatly from Israeli support for apartheid:

JOHANNESBURG, Jan 26 (IPS) - A call from a South African trade unionist for national supermarket chains to stop importing avocado from Israel could ultimately lead to the banning of all imports from the Jewish state, if unions and human rights activists have their way.

Katishi Masemola, secretary general of the Food and Allied Workers' Union (FAWU), told South Africa's supermarket chains earlier this week that Israel produces avocado under "slave-type conditions". He says the International Labour Organisation (ILO) forbids the use of child labour which, he claims, Israel is employing on avocado farms.
I don't think the necessity of a worldwide Israeli boycott has ever been as clear as it is today, especially as the parallels with between Israel's current apartheid regime and the white regime in South Africa become more well-known.