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Press Conf 22 March: Organizers of 5th Cairo Conference Against Imperialism & Zionism

The organizers of the Fifth Cairo Conference Against Imperialism and Zionism invite you to attend their press conference, 22 March, 12 noon, at the Press Syndicate.
Representatives from the Muslim Brothers, Karama Party, The Revolutionary Socialists' Organization, Labor Party will brief journalists and activists on the international gathering of anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist activists planned from 29 March to 1 April, and will take questions from the audience.
Activists from at least 15 countries, including Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Venezuela, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Nigeria, Britain, Canada, Tunisia, Sudan, France, Iran, will be taking part in the conference sessions and forums, starting from 29 March. Such international contingent will be comprised of young and veteran trade unionists, human rights activists, leftists, Hamas members, several social movements representatives.

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The conference sessions will tackle the challenges and prospects facing the international anti-war and pro-Intifada movements, as the clouds of war on Iran gather. The participants will also discuss strategy and tactics for bridging the gap and uniting Islamist and leftist ranks in the face of US imperialism and Zionism.

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