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The real reason Bill Clinton failed at peacemaking

He was just too blond (well, platinum white) and blue-eyed, according to Japan's foreign minister:

Japan Minister Raps "Blond" Diplomats in Mideast

Filed at 8:22 a.m. ET

TOKYO, March 22 (Reuters) - Blond, blue-eyed Westerners probably can't be as successful at Middle East diplomacy as Japanese with their ``yellow faces,'' Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso was quoted by media as saying on Wednesday.

``Japan is doing what Americans can't do,'' the Nikkei business daily quoted the gaffe-prone Aso as saying in a speech.

``Japanese are trusted. If (you have) blue eyes and blond hair, it's probably no good,'' he said.

``Luckily, we Japanese have yellow faces.''