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Contract on Ahmedinejad

From Yediot Ahronot:

We need to kill him
Israel should not shy away from threatening to kill Iran's Ahmadinejad
Uri Orbach

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to be killed. Really be killed, I mean, physically. He should be eliminated, put to death, assassinated, and all those words that serve to say the same thing.

Former Mossad Director Meir Amit said this explicitly in a recent interview with the "Kfar Chabad" weekly. It is indeed a very impolite way to express our disgust with the Iranian archenemy. Government officials, including ones who have retired already, usually merely hint at such matters - that is, if they choose to talk about them at all.
I feel that way about a lot of politicians. Perhaps the entire region should resolve its conflicts through assassinations. It would save a lot of lives. I guess the Israelis are learning from the Syrians here.