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Appeal court fines prominent poet for insulting religious extremist

IFEX : Appeal court fines prominent poet for insulting religious extremist:

The Southern Cairo court stipulated 8 August 2007 as the date for selling Hegazi's home furniture in order to put into effect the court ruling, after Hegazi refused to pay the money, preferring his home furniture be sold.

This ruling, in an insult lawsuit brought forward by al Badri in 2003, is the latest in a series of lawsuits by al Badri against various writers, thinker and poets, sometimes in the form of a "hesba" (insult to God) case, and on other occasions as an insult case.

Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid was among the victims of sheikh al Badri in the famous case of 1993-1994, which resulted in a court ruling divorcing Abu Zaid from his wife. While Abu Zaid immigrated to the Netherlands after the court ruling, writers and thinkers continue to be brought before the court; many of those cases are raised by the sheikh. Other cases brought by the sheikh against other writers, thinkers and poets are still in court.
I mentioned this case a few days ago but thought it was worth repeating. If any reader hears of what happened today please leave a comment.