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London Book Fair and Arab literature

The London Book Fair, which this year shines a spotlight on Arab literature, ends tomorrow. Here are selected links to related stories:

✯ PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED - On religion and censorship for Egypt's independent publishing houses.

✯ Pigs raid Sharqawi’s publishing house; confiscate books خنازير الداخلية تداهم دار ملامح للنشر وتصادر كتب at 3arabawy - Hossam reports that blogger M. Sharqawi's publishing house, which puts out among other the graphic novel Metro, was raided.

✯ Authors and critics on arabic literature | Review | Books - Ahmed Alaidy, Roger Allen, Amani Amin, Alaa al-Aswaany, Mourid Barghouti, Sulayman al-Bassam, Feisal al-Darraj, Sabry Hafez, Hala Halim, Denys Johnson-Davies, Hisham Matar, Amjad Nasser, Hanan al-Shaykah, Adania Shibli, Bahaa Taher, Hind Wassef, and Nabil Yassin on the state of Arab literature.

✯ British Council - New Arabic Books - Program to translate Arabic books

✯ Books | Cairo's greatest literary secret - Profile of Bahaa Taher

✯ Is the Arab world ready for a literary revolution? - Features, Books - The Independent - Essay piece from the Hay Alhambra lit festival

✯ Arab book world challenges | - Amr Moussa promises "decade of education" to encourage literature.

✯ Arcadia and Haus launch Arab imprint | - London publishers launch project to publish Arabic lit in translation.