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Father of nation cares about the little people

Gotta love it:

CAIRO (AFP) — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ordered an extension to exam time at a school south of Cairo after his convoy brought traffic to a standstill causing students to show up late, according to Thursday's press.

"A humanitarian gesture by Father Mubarak to high school students of Six October," read a headline in the French-language Progres Egyptien.

On Wednesday, Mubarak took a tour of Six October City, a southern suburb of Cairo, to inspect housing projects close to Al-Nasr School where high students were due to sit their "thanawiyya amma" exams, the national test taken by all graduating high school seniors.

But the president's convoy, which often causes serious traffic disruptions as major roads are sealed off for long periods to clear the route for the fleet of about a dozen cars, caused many students to show up late for the exam.

When news of panicked students reached the president, he instructed Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif "to visit the school and make sure the students do not complain about any time shortage," ordering an exceptional half-hour extension to the exam duration.

[From AFP: Egypt's Mubarak turns back time for late students]