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Links September 17th to September 18th

Links from my account for September 17th through September 18th:

  • Egypt Plans To Order U.S. Missiles - MiddleEastNewsline - For all that tank warfare that the Egyptian army is engaged in: "Egypt has requested the TOW-2A anti-armor guided missile from the United States. The Bush administration has approved the sale of up to 6,900 TOW-2A
    missiles to Egypt in a deal estimated at $319 million."

  • Iraq's Counterinsurgency College - - Courses taught on "moderate Islam" at college for Iraqi soldiers

  • Greek ship hijacked off Somalia - "A Greek-owned ship, reportedly taking a cargo of salt to Kenya, is seized by pirates off Somalia's south coast." And remember there is still an Egyptian ship and its crew being held for ransom in the same area.

  • Taheri's absurd conceit - Marc Lynch debunks Amir Taheri's claim that Obama is conducting some kind of conspiracy with Iraqi leaders. Taheri, of course, is a pure product of neo-con / Zionist institutions.

  • All Countries in BBC Poll Prefer Obama to McCain - World Public Opinion - But Egypt, Russia and Turkey do not have a favorite: "Despite the preference for an Obama victory in all countries, significant proportions in several said they do not favor either candidate, favour both equally or do not know which would be preferable. This was particularly the case in Russia, where 75 per cent do not express a preference between the candidates, but also in Turkey (63%) and Egypt (61%)."

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