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Security raids Ayman Nour offices during "Egyptians Against Succession" meeting

From Mohammad Maree:

واستولت بلطجية امن الدولة على جهاز لابتوب خاص بالدكتور ايمن وجهاز عرض كما قامت بتحطيم السماعات الموجودة بالمقر

State Security Forces about 50-60 pigs stormed into a seminar at Ayman Nour Culture Center in Bab Al-Sha’riya, Cairo. The seminar was to discuss succession, the security thugs confiscated the all devices in the center especially the laptop of Dr ayman nour in addition to destroying the all things in the place

they arrested some of El-Ghad party activists as the journalist ahmed abd-elgawad who was taken to the police station then released


Ayman Nour went to Bab Al-Sha’riya police station to file aclaim about the incident

Someone else emailed:

Reports are beginning to flow in, including directly from former Egyptian presidential candidate Ayman Nour, regarding an assault which occurred this evening in Cairo on one of Nour's offices in the Bab El Shairiya neighborhood by state security forces. Reportedly, 40-50 state security "thugs" stormed the office this evening (Cairo time), assaulted Al Ghad members within, and confiscated equipment, including Dr. Nour's personal computer. They reportedly arrested Nour's press secretary, Ahmed Abdel Gawad, among others. This incident took place immediately before a conference entitled "Poets Against Succession," a subgroup of the "Egyptians Against Succession (Mayohkomsh)" movement, was to take place.