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Gamal in DC again

This report in Masri al-Youm says Gamal Mubarak is planning to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and at the Council of Foreign Relations this week. Some of the meetings are closed-door, apparently, so if any DC-based Arabist reader is attending, we'd love to hear of anything interesting Gamal has to say (anonymity guaranteed if desired!)

The background for this trip to the US is that adds to the long-term trend of Gamal taking a more active role in representing Egypt in DC, especially ahead of this month's door-knock mission of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (an occasion for influential businessmen to lobby Congress on economic and political relations with Egypt) and the expectation that Hosni Mubarak could be making his first trip to Washington in five years as Egypt mends its political relationship with the new Obama administration. Of course, presidential succession is as ever the hot topic, but it'll be interesting to see whether Gamal stakes out positions on regional and security issues as well as his more traditional economic turf.

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