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Links April 3rd to April 4th

Links from my account for April 3rd through April 4th:

  • Egyptian Islamists: Deny entry to 'Zionist terrorist' Lieberman - Haaretz - Israel News - MB takes govt to task on "soft" Lieberman stance.

  • Left behind - Haaretz - Israel News - Amira Hass: "According to Gaza gallows humor, the Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah and the Hamas government in Gaza are competing to see which of them can heap more hardships on those living in the quarantine facility known as the Gaza Strip. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand the steps that each of the two governments has taken. In January, the Ramallah government stopped referring patients for medical treatment to Israel; on March 22 the Gaza government replaced the employees in the Referrals Abroad Department, which handles referrals for medical care. In place of the previous staff, which had answered to the government in Ramallah, it placed its own people. Israel, Egypt and Ramallah do not recognize the signatures of the new staff, and so referral for medical care outside Gaza has effectively ground to a halt."

  • AFP: Egypt knew about Sudan convoy strike at the time: FM - "Egypt knew about the attacks, thought to have been carried out by Israel, "from when they happened" but it "did not want to embarrass the brothers in Sudan," Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit was quoted as saying."

  • Brothers gonna work it out? - The National Newspaper -

  • Surprising times for outlawed opposition - The National Newspaper - The Muslim Brothers and democracy: how serious is the internal debate?