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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

The April 6 strike as seen by Egyptian newspapers

The headlines in today's Egyptian dailies:

The state press

- Al-Ahram (loyal and sycophantic): As per Mubarak's instructions, LE10bn will be earmarked for social welfare and job creation.

- Al-Akhbar (dour and old-fashioned): "Call for strike: no room for chaos and production stoppage."

- Al-Gomhouriya (gloating): "Egypt does not acknowledge chaos."

- Rose al-Youssef (triumphant): "New defeats for the supporters of the strike."

The mainstream independent press

- Al-Masri al-Youm (brutally honest): A failed strike.

- Al-Shorouq al-Gedid (poetic): 6 April: calm streets and timid protests.

- Nahdet Misr (laconic): A strike without strikers.

The opposition-independent press

- Al-Badil (embarrassed): Weak participation in strike.

- Al-Dostour (oblivious): 6 April: small protests

The real big story of the day, though, are allegations by Masri al-Youm editor Magdi Gallad that Ayman Nour's wife and stalwart supporter, Gamila Ismail (well-known in Egypt as a former television presenter and later an advocate for her husband) that Gamila sent him a SMS saying she was divorcing Ayman. Ayman Nour then reportedly demanded that Gallad withdraw the edition of the paper where the information was published (with promises of a follow-up), which Gallad refused while lambasting Nour for attacking freedom of the press on public figures when Nour himself wants more transparency on public officials. It's not clear whether the news regarding the divorce has been confirmed yet, and Gamila has reportedly disappeared.