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Links May 12th to May 13th

Links from my account for May 12th through May 13th:

  • Wajahat Ali: Obama Chooses a Reliable Dictatorship - On Obama's choice of Cairo.

  • Hizballah's Bust of Israeli 'Spies' Shows Its Growing Power in Lebanon - 9 cells and 26 people arrested, with some evidence to show for it -- usually I am skeptical of such things.

  • Mubarak says Israeli FM still not welcome in Egypt - The Hozz, ever so sensitive to public opinion: "I deal with Netanyahu, I don't deal with Lieberman," Mubarak reportedly told the interviewer. "I don't know if the foreign minister (Ahmed Abul Gheit) invited him or not. But public opinion will not accept Lieberman, that's the problem" .... "Public opinion will not accept him because he said 'I'm going to attack the Sinai' and he has attacked us. These words remain engraved in the public conscience. How could he say 'I'm going to destroy the dam'?" at Aswan, he asked. (This for some reason makes me think of Shaaban Abdel Rahim.)

  • Seven Existential Threats - Michael Oren -- there should be a campaign to evict him from Georgetown, where he exercises his part-time job as historian away from his day job as IDF information officer. Here he expresses full support for more expropriation of Palestinian land, property and sovereignty.

  • The Power of the First Impression - - Wonderfully written, slightly psychotic, by the end overtly threatening, op-ed by Elliott Abrams - for it is he.