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Links for 06.25.09 to 06.26.09

Note: Going back to the daily link dump, unless you prefer the individual posts. Most people I asked seem to prefer this method...

Tamim death sentences upheld - The National Newspaper | On HTM, case will now go to appeal, perhaps ultimately to Cassation Court.

Moving Out of Kuwait’s Political Impasse - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | Nathan Brown on Kuwait's divisions between the ruling family and parliament.

Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | Loyalty to racism | Azmi Bishara on Israel's demand that it be recognized as a Jewish state. He makes several really good points.

Obama to Send U.S. Ambassador to Syria After Four-Year Gap - | Move had been planned, but coming in the middle of Iran's crisis it signals an ambition to split the Syrian-Iranian alliance.

Calif. professor's Gaza e-mail cleared by panel - Yahoo! News | Bloody thought police.