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Jane Harman attacked in primary over Israel connection

From Mondoweiss a fascinating story about Marcy Winograd, a Democrat running against Jane Harman in California's 36th district who is targeting Harman's insane lobby connections. From a Winograd press release:

"Winograd’s opponent in the 36th congressional district was previously investigated by the FBI for allegedly using her influence in Congress to get spying charges dropped against American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) analysts.  Harman voted for resolutions in support of the Israeli siege of Gaza and invasion of Lebanon and was a featured speaker at the recent AIPAC conference. 

‘I’m not clear who Jane Harman represents in Congress – the people of her district or a right-wing faction in a foreign government?’ says Winograd.  ‘When elected to Congress, I will represent the people of this district and the interests of the United States.’

A most excellent development. More!