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Iason Athanasiadis to be freed

UPDATE: AP reports he has been released!

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's state television is reporting that a Greek journalist that had been held for more than two weeks has been released.
State television Sunday quoted a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Hasan Qashqavi, as saying that Iason Athanasiadis-Fowden had been released in, what he described as the framework of Tehran-Athens ties.

Some good news from Iran regarding my friend Iason Athanasiadis, the Greek journalist arrested in Tehran:

Iason Athanasiadis, the 30-year-old Greek correspondent for the Washington Times who had been covering Iran’s disputed presidential election until he was arrested in Teheran two weeks ago, is to be freed by Sunday morning, Iran’s ambassador in Athens has told Kathimerini.

“We are pleased to confirm that within the next 48 hours the Greek journalist will have been freed,” Mehdi Honardoost told Kathimerini yesterday morning.

Last Tuesday an Iranian Culture Ministry official had confirmed the arrest of Athanasiadis at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport but without clarifying what charges the reporter faced.

I hope they carry this out and release him soon, as well as any other journalists and unlawfully held people. See also this CPJ profile and a Guardian story about the promise to release him.