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Dahlanist lobby, meet Likudnik lobby

Palestinian Group Sells Out To The Lobby | TPMCafe:

Specifically, the ATFP is hooking up with The Israel Project, a fringe organization well to the right of AIPAC. The love affair began months ago but culminated at a dinner in New York during the recent visit which Fayyad, ATFP, and The Israel Project treated as their "coming out" party. So what's wrong with Palestinians "reaching out" to Jews. Nothing. Except that in sucking up to the pro-settler, anti-Palestinian Israel Project, they are trying (yes, I believe it's intentional) to weaken the progressive forces in the pro-Israel community like J Street, Americans for Peace Now, Jewish Voice For Peace, and the others. After all, if the Palestinians endorse a far right Zionist organization, why should Jews bother with the likes of J Street?

Poor, poor Palestinians.