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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

2009, in Egypt, in pictures

As Al Ahram Weekly has reported, the Sawy Center recently hosted a large photojournalism competition. 

The winning photo in the news category was this picture of Sheikh Tantawi lifting a girl's niqab. Whatever you think of the niqab (personally I believe an argument for its harmful effect and its restriction can be persuasively made) there is a startling disrespect in the gesture. 

The photographer digitally altered the girl's face.

Interestingly, another award-winning picture also required the digital alteration of a female face--that of the girl being groped at the forefront.

These girls are being sexually harassed during the Eid holiday at Al Fustat park. 

Other photographs documented seasonal problems (the burning of rice chaff); particular upheavals (the pig culling--watch out, the picture is graphic); or scenes from daily life such as, below, children playing a game with bottle caps. 

You can see more of the pictures (if you scroll down) here


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