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Waking up to reality

Following my previous post on Biden's trip to Jerusalem, I'm glad to see self-professed "friends of Israel" who are still willing to see reality for what it is. Welcome to intellectual honesty, Andrew Sullivan:

I cannot read Netanyahu's mind. But I can observe Israel's actions. They intend to occupy and colonize the entire West Bank for ever.  They may allow some parceled enclaves for Palestinians, but they will maintain a big military presence on the Eastern border of West Bank, and they will sustain this with raw military power and force. I certainly cannot see any other rationale for their actions these past few years that makes any sense at all. Many Israeli politicians now use the term "apartheid" for this future. 

Now take the next step in that line of thinking, which is that the US must make a decision on whether it accepts this self-evident truth, choose a policy accordingly, and be prepared for consequences.

And Sullivan also gets it right here.