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The shorter Elliott Abrams

If you read Elliott Abrams' long, meandering article where he talks about the the Iranian regime as "the Shias in Iran" and "the clever Persians" and how much they scare Arab leaders, you'll get to this final paragraph:

Perhaps the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, if he is an Israeli pilot. In that case, all gestures of friendship will be forsaken or carefully hidden; there will be denunciations and UN resolutions, petitions and boycotts, Arab League summits and hurried trips to Washington. But none of that changes an essential fact of life well understood in many Arab capitals this summer: that there is a clear coincidence of interests between the Arab states and Israel today, in the face of the Iranian threat. Given the 60 years of war and cold peace between Israel and the Arabs, this is one of the signal achievements of the regime in Tehran—and could prove to be its undoing.

Let me give you the shorter version of that long article: "the Arab autocrats I denounced when I was in office want Israel to bomb Iran, and I like it."

Issandr El AmraniComment