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"There is no substitute for the strategy of popular resistance"

Palestinians must say no to negotiations with Israel — Amira Hass in Haaretz:

The extent to which the term "peace negotiations" has been prostituted can be gleaned from a remark by the EU's envoy to the Quartet, Helga Schmid. On October 26, in a last-ditch attempt by the Quartet to stop the Palestinians from applying to UNESCO, she said - according to sources in Ramallah - that the application for membership is like construction in the settlements: a provocation. It is not enough that the EU countries are not punishing Israel for building the settlements (Ma'aleh Adumim or Givat Assaf, all are equally felonious ); now the EU envoy is creating symmetry between years of violence by the occupying overlord and legitimate defense of the occupied.

 A clear argument of why the false symmetry of Oslo was a road to nowhere. Resistance is the only solution.