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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

NYC protest in solidarity with Egypt

There will be a march to the Egyptian consulate in New York tomorrow to protest this week's violence in Egypt. Details after the jump.


Stop Sales of Tear Gas to the Egyptian Military!

End All US Military Aid to SCAF!

Picket at Point Capital Lookout, Majority Stockholder of

 Tear Gas Manufacturer Combined Systems, Inc.

Friday, November 25th

3 pm: Meet at Point Lookout Capital,

1370 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) at 56th Street

4 to 6 pm: March to Egyptian Consulate for Rally

2nd Avenue between 58th and 59th, leaving Point Lookout at 4


The Egyptian military (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces or SCAF) has been using tear gas manufactured in the US by Combined Systems Inc. of Jamestown, Pennsylvania, and paid for by US tax dollars, against peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo, as well as in Alexandria, Suez and other cities.

US-paid for bullets have been purposely aimed at the faces of protesters, leading to several blindings.

Dozens have already been murdered in Egypt by SCAF, and at least a thousand seriously wounded.

There have also been widespread reports that the tear gas being used in Egypt is of a much more toxic form, which endangers not only by possible suffocation but by life-threatening damage to vital organs.

CSI-made tear gas has also been used against Palestinian protesters, including in the murder of Bassam Abu Rahma, killed when a tear gas projectile hit him in the chest, followed by the murder of his sister, Jawahar, who died by suffocation.

The Occupy movement and every social movement drawing inspiration from it has been clear from the start about the debt owed to Tahrir Square. And Occupy activists are increasingly being victimized by beatings, pepper-spray and arrests (most recently at UC Davis and Baruch in New York) by politicians who show little more regard for our lives and safety than Egypt’s military. Now it is our duty to defend the Egypt revolution!


Join the Egyptian solidarity community to demand:

No More Tear Gas, No More Military Aid to SCAF, 

End Military Rule in Egypt!

Initiated by the Ad Hoc Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution

To endorse this demonstration or join the Coalition, email:

Look for us on Facebook under Stop Sales of Tear Gas to the Egyptian Military 


Please also send protest messages to Combined Systems Inc.:

Call CEO Don Smith at 724 932-2177, press 0.

Email the international sales rep at or the Media contact at


And to their owners, Point Lookout Capital Partners:

Michael A. Monteleone

Tel: 917-322-6437


James J. Cesare

Tel: 917-322-6438