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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Seham's hope for Egypt

For the last few days, Palestinian web addict Seham, who usually compiles long link-lists on what's happening in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, has been providing us with stellar compilations of links for Egypt. She wanted to send the following message after Mubarak was toppled.

My hope for Egypt

تحيا مصر long Live Egypt - 11-02-2011 from karim shaaban on Vimeo.

I'm glad that I am young enough that I'll be able to watch the transformation of Egypt back to it's rightful place as the epicenter of the Arab world.  I can't wait to watch that place and it's beautiful people become a hub for all Arab youth who are looking for modernity, change and progress. I'm thrilled that this will occur in Egypt, that so rightfully deserves and so valiantly struggled for it.  I'm trying to imagine what this new Egypt will look like, a new generation of men born without their fathers training them to be obedient and subservient to authority lest they end up in an Egyptian prison being sodomized by armed thugs.  The possibilities are endless.