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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

In the hands of the secret police

Many Egyptian human rights activists arrested in the last few days remain in detention. A list of those detained follows after the jump. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of others that are also being detained, interrogated and tortured right now. Frightening as the attacks on foreign journalists have been, most of our colleagues have emerged relatively unscathed. It's the Egyptians being rounded up by police and intelligence that I truly fear for. For a disturbing account of what might be happening to them, see this New York Times article by two journalists who were held in intelligence interrogation facility the night before last. (Another scary account of people targeted by a coordinated police-civilian mob is here).

Currently unaccounted for:

1. Ahmed Seif El Islam (Human Rights Lawyer and former Director of HMLC)
2. Mohsen Beshir (HMLC Lawyer)
3. Mostafa Al Hassan (HMLC Lawyer) 
4. Mouna AlMasry (HMLC Researcher)
5. Al Sayed Feky (HMLC Lawyer)
6. Fatma Abed (FDEP Volunteer)
7. Shahdan (FDEP Volunteer)
8. Nadine Abu Shadi (FDEP Volunteer)
9. Nadia Hashem (FDEP VOlunteer)
10. Ahmed Taher (Unconfirmed Name)
11. Ahmed Hamdy Mahmoud (Student from Assiut - source Gamal Eid)
12. Said Haddadi (AI)
ِAnother AI Staff member

14. Daniel Williams (HRW)
15. Sofia Amara (French citizen working for Magneto Press)
Pedro do Fonseca (Portugese Citizen working for Magneto Presse)
17. Kamal Samir (Volunteer/activist - unconfirmed)
18. Doaa (unconfirmed)

19. Amr Aly

20. Islam Gevara

21. Sameh Rushdi

22. Mohamed Helmy

23. Shadi Mohamed

UPDATE: I hear the staff of the Hesham Mubarak Law Center has been released