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Egyptians protesting their own Arab League candidate

There will be a protest on Wednesday 20 April at the Arab League to protest Mustafa al-Fiqi's as Egypt's candidate at the Arab League, reports Hossam:

Mostafa el-Fiqqi, former NDP, diplomat and Mubarak’s secretary of information has reinvented himself as a revolutionary as soon as Mubarak stepped down. Fiqqi won his 2005 parliamentary seat in Damanhour in a completely rigged vote (I covered the elections in his constituency on that year and I’m witness to the irregularities that happened) and was the one of the regime’s biggest propagandists in dealing with media outlets.

. . .

Fiqqi was also kicked out by the revolutionaries in Tahrir when he tried to visit the square on 10 February, one day before stepped down (as seen in the video above). Hence, it came as a shock for me and many others that this NDP man who praises Israel’s normalizers and who was a cornerstone in Mubarak’s foreign policy, would be Revolutionary Egypt’s candidate for the secretary general of Arab League post.

Hossam has some videos of al-Fiqi's performance for the old regime on his post. I posted about al-Fiqi's candidacy here. I have been told, but not confirmed, that the reason for al-Fiqi's candidacy is his proximity to people on the SCAF.

Issandr El Amrani