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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Pics from Tahrir anti-corruption march

I don't have time to write up the details, save to say I was impressed at both the turnout and the readiness with which people were criticizing the army. Here's the NYT's take and Jano Charbel's more militant account.

CAIRO — Thousands of demonstrators filled Tahrir Square on Friday for the largest protest in weeks, demanding that the ruling military council move faster to dismantle lingering aspects of the old regime.

Disenchantment with the military was the focus of many speeches and chants, and participants milling about were all too ready to grumble about the generals.

And Jano:

Thousands of protesters chanted for the immediate resignation of Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, chief of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. Serving as Mubarak's defense minister for the past 20 years, Tantawi is currently shielding the dictator and his henchmen from justice, while ordering the trials of countless civilians before military tribunals. 

I heard some of this but it was not the dominant demand. I struck by a poster asking Tantawi to be more like Mandela and carry out a real transition. Jano has nice pics too.

Finally, here's a short movie clip that shows the mood: