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Podcast: Lunch With The Arabist

Last week, we (re)launched the Arabist podcast with a first episode that looked at Egyptian politics, Israeli spies and Saudi women fighting for the right to drive. If you haven't listened to that yet, go here or our new podcast page, and if you have do send us questions and suggestions at podcast[at] 

We'll be back on Friday with another edition of the Arabist Podcast, but in the meantime we want to introduce another new irregular podcast featuring people we get to meet as they travel through the region — often over a nice meal or bottle of Sakara beer. We're calling it Lunch with the Arabist, and it's starting this week with a couple with a long experience in Middle East focused academia, government service and activism: Helena Cobban of the Just World News blog and William B. Quandt, a professor of politics at the University of Virginia whose is one of the select few to have been around the negotiation table during the Camp David talks, when he served in the Carter administration.  We talk to them about their recent trip to Gaza, the future of the Camp David accords, and what Mubarak was like back then in the 1970s.

You can listen below — right-click and save to download the MP3 file [7MB] or click the play button [14:32].

Lunch With Arabist: Helena Cobban and Bill Quandt, 2011-06-21