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Accountability in Libya

From the end of a WSJ piece on Turkish support for the TNC:

The defiant appearance of Seif el-Islam, who is wanted for crimes against humanity, in front of western video cameras in Tripoli has significantly undermined the credibility of Mr. Abdel-Jalil and has shocked rebel supporters in Benghazi. Some are already speaking about a conspiracy between the rebel leadership and Col. Gadhafi and his family to facilitate their escape from Tripoli. Many also see the rebel leadership as being out of touch for staying put within the relative safety of Benghazi while the decisive battle for Libya rages more than a 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) to the west.

As if offering a dose of belated consolation to his supporters, Mr. Abdel-Jalil said all those who collaborated with Col. Gadhafi would face trial, including himself for serving four years as justice minister before the start of the uprising in February.

"I will submit myself to trial for the four years I spent as a minister with Moammar Gadhafi," said Mr. Abdel-Jalil before pleading with the Libyan people to show mercy and forgiveness.

I wonder how that's going to work out.