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An apology to readers

This morning I posted an item by occasional contributor Paul Mutter that was based on a misdated Haaretz report, suggesting that the Israeli "loyalty law" discussed over the last year or two might soon pass. An alert reader pointed out the report was dated from last year, and a few Google searches confirmed that the law appears not to be slated for consideration at the Knesset for now. The Knesset is about to reopen from summer recess and the law may be submitted once again, but this morning's post was based on old information.

The post has been removed while I check out the facts. I should have edited the entry more thoroughly, but as I am traveling and very busy with other commitments, it slipped under me. This should not reflect negatively on Paul Mutter's work, which has been a solid contribution to this site.

Although this is not a professional news site (there is no funding, staff, etc.) I try to ensure the facts are always there to back up the opinion. This one slipped under the radar, and for that I'm sorry.