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✚ Egyptian revolutionaries and liberals call for Gaza protest

Egyptian revolutionaries and liberals call for Gaza protest

And of course the protest is not just against Israel's attacks, but also the Egyptian government's lack of reaction:

The statement argued that the attacks in Gaza over the weekend cannot be understood separately from current events in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. The statement accuses Israeli intelligence of involvement in the current security problems in Sinai, adding that the Egyptian government are also to blame for its "bad management" of the situation.

"We reject the situation whereby after a revolution, the government can continue to hide its deals with Israel and instead continue to blame the Palestinians for deteriorating security in Sinai," the statement read, further blaming the lack of Egyptian opposition to events in Palestine on the new regime and its "lies", and demanding that the Camp David peace treaty with Israel is made public "for citizens to know its catastrophic effect" on Egypt.

The statement was signed by a number of political organisations, including the Egyptian Popular Current, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Revolutionary Socialists, the Popular Committees for the Protection of the Revolution, the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces, the National Assembly for Change, the Free Egyptian movement, the Free Egyptians Party, the Free Front for Peaceful Change, and the Kefaya movement.

Just like under Mubarak: the government (in this case the Brotherhood) is sandwiched between an angry population and regime interests, the opposition is leveraging this to its own advantage and making requests that don't quite make sense (the Egypt-Israel peace treaty is quite publicly available, for instance — although perhaps they are referring to subsequent memoranda). The irony is that two years ago the MB would have been on the opposite side. I wonder how long this is sustainable for them before they are forced to take the lead.

Update: Of course the government — actually not the government or Morsi himself since they won't talk to Israelis, but General Intelligence — is mediating a truce between Hamas and Israel. Complicated world we live in.