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How Morsi makes policy: Samer Morqos edition

Mursi decree "crippling to democratic transition" - Former presidential adviser Asharq Alawsat

This is how Morsi has ruled so far: with a kitchen cabinet of close confidantes, and without even consulting the advisor he appointed to be in charge of democratic transition questions on a matter that has everything to do with that:

Morcos stressed that he had accepted this position “in order to participate in the democratization process in Egypt, however what has happened, regarding President Mursi’s decision, represents a disregard of this process.” He also revealed that he was not consulted on this new constitutional declaration, which ultimately places control of the legislative, executive, constitutional and judicial authority in Mursi’s hands, adding that he only learnt of this when the decree was officially announced on television. Morcos asserted that this decision “violates all the democratic norms and traditions” as well as the special portfolio – democratic transition – that he was appointed to oversee.

How could this man not resign?