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Writers and artists protest 'Brotherhoodisation' of Egypt's constitution

Writers and artists protest 'Brotherhoodisation' of Egypt's constitution - Arts & Culture - Ahram Online

Mohammed Saad in  al-Ahram:

The protesters said that the Assembly is part of the Brotherhoodisation of the country, as its members only reflect the views of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood, they charge, is consolidating its grip and monopolise the next constitution to conform to their views.

The first leaked draft of the articles on freedoms show signs that the new constitution might hold onto the times of censorship and actually put new constraints on freedoms of creativity and expression.

"We’re here today to call for a constitution that reflects the views of all Egyptians; we want a real social contract - not a contract between the Muslim Brotherhood, which is very discriminatory," publisher Mohamed Hashem told Ahram Online.

"The discourse they’re adopting is very racist and discriminatory. We won’t accept that. They do not respect the rest of the people and they think we’re all atheists. Imagine what kind of a constitution these people could write!” he added.

I'll back Mohammed Hashem on pretty much anything. And am glad to see these issues being raised at a time (reported in the press today) Islamists are yet again agitating about "Satanic" heavy metal bands. But I'd like to see political parties take part in this type of activism, not just artists and writers.