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Embarassing MB statement about Jews, part 235

Fathi Shihab-Eddim: Holocaust 'is an industry that America invented' -

Someone should have really briefed the US media on the long history of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial of the Muslim Brotherhood a while back — it's not exactly a surprise:

CAIRO, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- The Holocaust was a U.S. intelligence hoax and the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis actually moved to the United States, an Egyptian state news official said.

"The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented," said Fathi Shihab-Eddim, a senior figure close to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi responsible for appointing the editors of all state-run newspapers.

"U.S. intelligence agencies in cooperation with their counterparts in allied nations during World War II created [the Holocaust] to destroy the image of their opponents in Germany, and to justify war and massive destruction against military and civilian facilities of the Axis powers, and especially to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb," Shihab-Eddim said.

He said the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II moved to the United States -- contradicting the accepted version of events.

I'm not sure what's more depressing about this — that these people believe this, that there is a wider cultivation of such views in Egypt, or that people with such skewed perceptions of reality have important positions,  in this case chairman of parliament's Culture, Tourism & Information Committee. 

Congress is going to love this!

The original IkhwanOnline article by Shihab Eddin is here (cached for posterity).