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In Translation: the Egyptian army's first #june30 decree

Thanks to Geoffrey Aronson for sending me this, translated by Philip Sweigart. Posting here for the record.

General Sisi’s Ultimatum: July 1, 2013
In the name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful
An announcement from the leadership of the armed forces:
Egypt and the world have seen unprecedented protests, in which the great people of Egypt have filled the streets to express their opinions and desires in a peaceful and civilized way.
This popular movement is apparent to all, and all have heard its sound with the highest degree of respect and concern. It is inevitable that the people should receive a response to their appeal from all parties that are responsible for these circumstances that threaten national security.
The Egyptian armed forces, as a key player with responsibility for Egypt’s future, and out of its national and historical duty to maintain the peace and security of the homeland, declares the following:
1.     The armed forces will not interfere in the realm of politics or governance and will not overstep the role that it is assigned in a democracy, which stems from the desire of the people.
2.     The national security of the state is under threat from the developments that have occurred. We all have a duty, each according to his position, to cooperate to accomplish what is required to repel these threats.
3.      The armed forces sensed early on the danger of this unpredictable situation, and its ultimate destination, from the demands of the great Egyptian people. For this reason, it set a deadline of a week for the political authorities to come to an agreement and avert disaster. That week passed without any sign of action or initiative. For this reason, the people have come out with purpose and persistence to exercise their freedom in this glorious way that has excited wonder, respect and regard on the domestic, regional and international levels.
4.     The loss of any more time will accomplish nothing but more division and conflict. We have warned of this, and we continue to warn of it.
5.     The generous people [of Egypt] have suffered, and no one has had the forbearance or compassion to relieve them. This has placed a moral and personal burden on the armed forces. We have been compelled to stop at anything that leaves daylight between us and this people, who have proven their readiness to take on the impossible on the basis of dedication and sincerity.
6.     The armed forces repeat their call to meet the demands of the people and announce a deadline of 48 hours as a final chance to relieve the burden of historical circumstance that the homeland is experiencing and that no responsible authority can tolerate.
7.     If the demands of the people are not met by the designated deadline, the armed forces declare to all that they will be forced, by their national and historical duty and by their respect for the demands of the glorious Egyptian people, to announce a map for the future and to take steps to implement it, in cooperation with sincere parties from all parts of the political spectrum – especially the youth, who were and are still exploding for the sake of their glorious revolution – and without exclusion of anyone.
8.     We give tribute and encouragement to the sincere and loyal men of the armed forces who are shouldering their national responsibility to the great people of Egypt with resolve, determination, and pride.
Source: The official Facebook page of the spokesman of the armed forces. Accessed July 2, 2013 at


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