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Links 23 July - 3 August 2013

  • An interview with Mohamed ElBaradei, who hopes for reconciliation in Egypt - The Washington Post
  • A Moroccan political template for the Arab Gulf states? | openDemocracy
    Sultan Qassemi - learning the wrong lesson from Morocco, methinks.
  • Interview With Hamid Mir of Geo TV
    That Kerry interview in full.
  • Pédophile espagnol gracié : qui a mis son nom sur la liste ?
    Tout le monde ment dans cette affaire.
  • Une manifestation contre la grâce d'un pédophile dispersée au Maroc
  • Qaeda Messages Prompt U.S. Terror Warning -
  • “General al-Sisi at the U.S. Army War College” by Sherifa Zuhur | sherifazuhur
  • Hamas in the Post-Morsi Period - Sada
  • Egypt coup costs Hamas rulers their most important foreign ally and deepens Gaza’s isolation - The Washington Post
  • Cairobserver — Cairo as History: David Sims on Raymond, Rodenbeck and Golia
  • Iraq - 1,057 Killed in July, U.N. Says -
  • UK court hears Saudi prince threatened to behead partner -
    Straight out of Goodfellas
  • Saudi prince defects from royal family | The Top Information Post
  • What Did Cleopatra Really Look Like? Her Image (and "Infinite Variety") Through the Ages
  • Mainstream media likes simple labels | Operation Egypt
    A man after my own heart makes a great Venn Diagram.
  • Middle East: Battlelines drawn -
    Nice map of sectarian distribution here.
  • Ten Little Known Facts About Al-Sissi | Cairo Gossip
    Sisi gets the Chuck Norris treatment.
  • Jonathan Wright - Elite angst in Sisi's Egypt
    Good post, comments.
  • Secretary of State Kerry says Egyptian military restored democracy, didn’t take over Egypt - The Washington Post
    From Pakistan, of all places.
  • A Falling-Out Among Brothers? - Sada
  • Moroccans to protest against royal pardon for Spanish paedophile - Reuters
  • The regional struggle for Syria | The European Council on Foreign Relations
    New report.
  • IRIN Middle East | Analysis: Egypt’s way out
  • Netanyahu hasn't crossed the Rubicon | Haaretz
    Daniel Levy on the why of Bibi okaying peace talks.
  • [Perspective] | On the Selling of the Egyptian Coup to Liberals, by Ken Silverstein | Harper's Magazine
    Some good points but also mistakes - and Brooks is no liberal.
  • How Egypt Will Shake the World : The New Yorker
    Steve Coll.
  • Pretty Names and Ugly Things: Getting to Know the Law of Egypt’s Second Transitional Period
    Amr Shalakany
  • Egypt: textile strikes put pressure on new government | MENA Solidarity Network
    Over wages, not Morsi.
  • Egypt: Competing for Corpses - Al-Monitor
    Wael Nawara
  • Egypt - Analysis - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
    Latest update.
  • Shadow of the army over Egypt's revolution - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
    Good piece by Alain Gresh.
  • Egypt minister wants Brothers in politics, not arms | Reuters
    Nabil Fahmy
  • Insurgency takes root in Egypt’s Sinai - The Washington Post
    Good piece.
  • Some Observations, Simplified | Atlantic Council
    Amr Hamzawy
  • Kénitra : condamné à 30 ans de prison, un pédophile espagnol est gracié
  • Egypt restores feared secret police units | The Guardian
    State Security Investigations, it's as if you were never gone.
  • The green shoots of recovery? Morocco considers the legalisation of marijuana cultivation - The Independent
  • Morocco's Islamists Set for Power Deal with Center Right
    Good detail of corruption charges against govt new partner.
  • Egypt: Legal Experts Demand a New Constitution for the Country Instead of Redrafting the 2012 Constitution
  • Adam Shatz · Short Cuts · LRB 8 August 2013
    On the coup in Egypt.
  • Egypt's wheat problem: how Mursi jeopardized the bread supply | Reuters
  • Hammonda. » Sisi – Too sexy for his military fatigues (Get that man a presidency)
  • US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Hearings - Crisis in Egypt
  • NSF agrees to nominate Hamdeen Sabbahi for president, says official

    Another disaster.


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