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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Mubarak's last chuckle

Private newspaper Alyoum7 has been publishing a series of audio recordings on its website of Mubarak and some unknown voices (reportedly recorded by one of his doctors) in which the erstwhile president comments on events throughout the summer. The sound clips are crudely edited, creating a lot of awkward pauses where there probably were none. 

That being said, the voices sound over-rehearsed and sometimes border on hostages trying to keep calm and entertain a mad gunman.

Clip 1:

Mubarak and friends express admiration of el-Sisi. His unknown interlocutors tell lame jokes about the Brotherhood, eliciting gruff chuckles from the former president. 

Clip 2:

Mubarak and friends say the MB is stupid and crazy for going head to head (more like knee to head) against the military, the police and the people. One voice likens them to a mindless CSF soldier who just follows orders and can’t think for himself. They predict that things will calm down and fondly reminisce about Habib el-Adly’s good ol days when the Brothers were “collected.”

Clip 3:

One voice tells the story of an MB relative who makes noises about Morsi’s legitimacy and the likes. This brainwashed, failed dentistry student protester stayed in Raba’a and didn’t visit his dying mother, the voice says. Mubarak interjects to remind him that, of course, the failure won’t leave since he is getting paid to stay there.  

Clip 4:

Mubarak and friends discuss possible leaders. It has to be a strong man from the army, Mubarak says. One of the leaders who is left, but not Sami Anan. He can’t handle Egypt.

Clip 5:

Mubarak’s June 30: The army might intervene and “make (the MB) leave.”

Clip 6:

Mubarak reiterates the  theory about Morsi breaking out of prison with Hamas help -- hence his inability to say anything critical of them or curb their activities in Sinai.

Furthermore, Mubarak says he felt the revolution coming a while back. The US has been plotting to remove him since 2005, impatiently working on “making the revolution," despite the fact that he told them that he was planning to hand over power in 2011 -- not to pass it down to his son, an idea they created and sold to the people.

Clip 7:

The unrest in Sinai began when Morsi pardoned certain prisoners, according to Mubarak. Also, the tribal leaders in Sinai are decor; the youth is running the show. Speaking with obvious pride, Mubarak recalls how Habib used to detain the little rascals.

Sinai needs careful thinking, Mubarak wisely adds, since Israel still wants to push the Palestinians into Sinai. Benjamin Netanyahu spontaneously told him as much six months before his ouster, but Mubarak firmly told him to forget about it.


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