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The TV presenter who was proud of working for security

Quite a remarkable intervention by Egyptian TV presenter Ahmed Moussa, responding so some allegation by journalist Hamdi Qandil (if someone has a link or can explain in the comments, I'd be grateful) in which he says he is proud of working for security, that it's not a shame of working for the police of your country but the real shame is working for "foreign embassies."

I think more people like him should come out, or perhaps to make it easier, they could present their shows in uniforms.

بعد أن فضحه حمدي قنديل..أحمد موسى يعترف : أنا فخور وشرف لي اني أكون عميل ومخبر لأمن الدولة والمخابرات

[Via Elijah]