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An incomplete list of Egyptian art happenings:

December 13 - January 14: Renowned cartoonist Georges Bahgory, at Mashrabia Gallery.
Bahgory inv

December 14 - 6 January: Egypt, Land of Contrasts. Amateur photography exhibition/competition organized by the European Union. At the Townhouse Gallery.

December 16: Performance art in Downtown Cairo! "Silence of the Lambs" by Amal Kenawy, at the corner of Champollion and Nabrawy Street, 4pm.

December 16: "Invisible Presences: Looking at the Body in Contemporary Egypt." Big group exhibition featuring over 20 local artists, at Samaa Khaana, 31 El Siyufiyah St., in Old Cairo. (25107806)
Hany Rashed

December 17 - January 31: Alexandria Biennale opens. The theme is مذا بعد؟ ("What next?").

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