Bombings in Sharm Al Sheikh

About half an hour ago, five explosions went off in Sharm Al Sheikh. There are three casualties for now, according to AFP and Al Jazeera.

I have little info to add, except that:

1. These are the first bomb attacks in Sinai since last October's Taba bombings;
2. It's worrying that Sharm is attacked because it's the crown jewel of Egyptian resort tourism;
3. President Mubarak spends a lot of time there.

This is supposed to be the most secure resort in Egypt -- hence the significance of an attack. It's also not a resort that attracts a lot of Israeli tourists, compared to Taba. Most tourists there are European, particularly Italian, French and German.

More in the morning, as it's just past 2am here.

Update: The death toll has risen to 50 (at 9am) and will probably continue to rise. A lot of severely wounded people among the 200 or so wounded.

A thought: is it a sheer coincidence that today is the anniversary of the 23 July 1952 coup by the Free Officers that brought the current regime to power?